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Economy: Tests proven Duraflow filters can last more than twice as long as conventional bag filters. This remarkable performance is achieved through the development of new fibre and manufacturing technology. The filter media used in Duraflow is 3-4 times thicker than that of conventional materials, its density gradually increases towards the downstream side giving the filter outstanding dust holding capacity, coupled with low air resistance, resulting in long life.

High Efficiency: Duraflow pockets are manufactures from patented filter media. The media is enhanced by the unique blending of two fibre types that on contact create a long lasting and consistent electrostatic charge. This allows the clean filter to achieve its full efficiency performance from day one and throughout life expectancy, whereas the efficiency of a conventional bag filter is well below the average when clean. Duraflow ensures a constant quality clean air supply whatever the need. Benefits included are reduced decorative and maintenance costs throughout the building. Due to the Polypropylene fibre content of Duraflow it has high anti-microbial property's which resist the build up of spores and mildew.

Aerodynamic Design: Duroflow pockets are fully self supporting with shape retaining spacers allowing the full utilization of filter surface, all seams are welded for stable, leak free performance. These features produce very low resistance and consequently energy demand is reduced.

Non-Fragmenting Fibre: Duraflows Unique media features media features non-fragmenting resilient fibres which ensure complete safety, unlike many conventional bag filters that shed fine fibres into the airstream.

Fire Resistance: Duraflow has much better fire resistance than conventional bag filters. Duraflow synthetic medias emit less energy when subject to fire and meet fire certification:  BS5588, BS5852 UL Class 1, DIN 53438- F1 & CP413

Pre Filtration: Duraflow have built in a pre-filter within the upstream side of media, thus eliminating the need for extra pre-filters and costly maintenance.

Super Grade: Duraflow is available in grade EU9/F9, previously only achieved with a semi absolute filter. The advantage of Duraflow is far greater life due to low resistance and high dust holding capacity.

Standard Flow: Duraflow standard flow versions have four pockets per full size header and have the equivalent air flow of a conventional synthetic or glass fibre eight pocket filter.

Extra Flow: Duraflow extra flow versions have six pockets per full size header and handle an extra 30% air flow.

Dust holding capacity: Standard flow 4 pocket versions can hold up to twice as much dust weight compared to a conventional 8 pocket equivalent. Extra flow 6 pocket versions can hold a further 40%

Duraflow: Duraflow long life bag filters out perform micro glass and melt blown synthetic bag filters in all respects, giving value for money high efficiency filtration.